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  Establishing Research Endowment

In 1983, during the 100th year of his remarkably productive life, Dr. Crohn’s colleagues, patients, friends and family suggested creating a foundation for research in Crohn’s disease.

Dr. Crohn enthusiastically endorsed their goals and sustained large-scale support for research in the laboratory and at the bedside. Dr. Crohn also created permanent endowment to attract both established senior investigators and talented young physicians to the battle against ileitis and colitis.

  Burrill B. Crohn and his colleagues

Burrill B. Crohn, M.D. and his colleagues identified “regional ileitis,” the principal form of these chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, at The Mount Sinai Hospital in 1932.

They characterized key features of Crohn’s disease as below:
– Intestinal inflammation and scarring
– Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever
– Bowel obstruction, leakage and abscess formation

They conducted pioneering clinical studies in search of cause and cure.

Please visit Burrill B. Crohn's memoir for more information.
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