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The Burrill B. Crohn Research Center research facilities are located at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center, which was the home of Burrill B. Crohn’s work throughout his long and distinguished professional life.

The Mount Sinai Medical Center is an internationally renowned source of seminal contributions to the study of digestive diseases as well as the site of the largest ileitis and colitis population in the United States under continuing treatment and follow-up.

This university medical center comprises a number of investigators from eight basic scientific and clinical departments working together in the study of inflammatory bowel diseases. Here we have facilities to undertake research into the fundamental causes of these diseases, including viruses and other infectious agents, environmental and microbial factors, and derangements of the body’s immune defense mechanisms.

The Mount Sinai Medical Center provides clinical resources and faculty to test the effectiveness of new drugs and operations in the treatment of ileitis and colitis.
For more information on our work at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, please visit the Gastroenterology Division web site of The Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
Visit Site: www.mssm.edu

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